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Permanent Loans

A permanent loan is defined as a first mortgage on a commercial property that has some amortization and a term of at least five years. Most commercial permanent loans are amortized over 25 years. Permanent loans usually enjoy the lowest interest rates among the various types of commercial real estate loans.

Conduit Loans

A conduit loan – also known as a CMBS loan (Commercial Mortgage Backed Security) – is a type of commercial mortgage that is packaged into a pool with other similar type commercial loans and securitized and sold in the secondary market to institutional investors. This process is known as securitization. The loans in the pool are held in trust and serve as collateral for the mortgage backed security.

Forward Commitments

A Forward Commitment is a written agreement by a lender (usually a bank) to advance a loan on a future date at a specified interest rate. It automatically expires if not exercised by the potential borrower.

Bridge & Mezzanine Equity Financing

Bridge and Mezzanine Equity Financing is an interim financing option used to solidify your short-term position until a long-term financing option can be arranged.

Institutional & Investment Equity

Institutional and Investment Equity is when two or more parties set up a separate legal company to act as the vehicle for carrying out the project. Benefits include, risk diversification, financial leverage, capital redeployment, and knowledge sharing.

Acquisition Financing

Acquisition Financing are loans used to purchase assets that already exist such as real estate. One of the biggest benefits of a real estate acquisition loan is that it can help you secure the purchase of a property as soon as possible.

Construction Loans

Construction Loan is a sum of money that is lent to a company that plans to construct a building and a business on a given site. Many companies that build strip malls, residential apartments and condos, and mixed-use buildings need to obtain a commercial construction loan to fund the project.

Commercial & Investment Loans

We provide commercial and investment loan services for a wide variety of capital needs.

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Taylor Financial, LLC is an independent mortgage broker that specializes in arranging long term commercial and real estate and investment services. Through wide variety of funding sources and investment vehicles Taylor Financial, LLC provide solutions for all types of real estate capital needs.

Owners, developers and investors turn to Taylor Financial, LLC to source financial capital for their investment needs. Taylor Financial, LLC also locates interim financing for new construction and transitional real estate projects.

The services provided by Taylor Financial, LLC go beyond finding the best lender for your situation. We facilitate the process by negotiating the terms, processing the appropriate paperwork, and closing the loan.

Construction Loans

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